On Time Septic Services

Septic Repairs

If your waste water treatment (septic system) has broken down we can repair it for you and get you back up and running in no time at all – that’s what we do.

Septic Service

Not sure what’s wrong but want someone to check the system out to make sure it is operating correctly? – that’s what we do.

Septic Maintenance

The best way for systems to operate effectively and reliably is have a regular maintenance program on your system. Most system manufacturers suggest and local councils require, a Quarterly Maintenance Program. We will do all those little tasks on a regular basis that help to keep the system working well – preventing those costly and potentially dangerous major system failures. 

Our Quarterly Maintenance Program includes removing debris and vermin from the blower box, cleaning the blower filter, adjusting the flow rate between the tanks, ensuring the sludge return is working effectively, checking the various pumps, adjusting the valves, replacing the chlorine/ultraviolet disinfectant, cleaning the irrigation filter, checking/repairing irrigation lines and sprays and ensuring the alarms are functional are some of the many items we take care of during the Quarterly Maintenance Program. Our Maintenance Program assists in the trouble free operation of the system, safeguarding the health and well being of your family – that’s what we do.

Wastewater Management Plans and Council Applications

Are you planning to build a new house or maybe extensions to an existing dwelling, possibly a granny flat, all of these require council approval. We can assist in the preparation of a Wastewater Management Plan and council applications. We pride ourselves on providing great solutions for the environment which are realistic and affordable and take into account your use of the property. A solution that works for you and the environment. – that’s what we do.

New Systems

Not only do we service and design, we also install. We are an independent installer, so that means we can recommend the best system for the site with impartial advice. We know what works from our experience in servicing and that’s what we recommend. Good, reliable systems that work well now and into the future. – that’s what we do.


Have an old septic trench system? Is it starting to pond on the surface, are odours present, it may be starting to fail? We can offer advice on if and how the problem is able to be corrected or we can offer independent, impartial advice on a replacement AWTS system – that’s what we do.